Overworking is the new normal during this Corona outbreak. Individuals who are working-from-home are working for continual 14-15 hours a day. Many working professionals are even working on weekends. Overworking is highly overrated which should not be as it does great harm to your physical, emotional, and mental health. It’s time to put an end to overworking. 

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How would you know that you’re overworked? You’re overworked if you experience the following symptoms:

  • Chronic stress – you always worry about every little thing, mostly related to your work. 
  • Anger issues – you get frustrated or irritated at every little discomfort.
  • Difficulty maintaining work-life balance – you don’t get enough time in your personal life as you’re always busy with work.
  • Weight loss or weight gain – Either you’re losing weight due to eating less or gaining weight because you are stress eating and not exercising.
  • Headaches – You get headaches almost every day.
  • Body aches – You suffer from medium to severe body aches due to working overtime.
  • Insomnia – You can’t sleep as you’re always thinking of work. 
  • Fatigue or tiredness – You’re always tired whether you are working or on weekends. 
  • Anhedonia – You have zero interest in things you found to be pleasurable. Your hobbies are dead, your family life has become non-existent, and you no longer talk to your friends. 
  • Loss of libido – Your sex life has become worse. Studies suggest overworking can cause lower testosterone levels in men. 
  • Seeking solace in unhealthy habits – You try seeking solace in alcohol, smoking, and drugs. 

How overworking can be dangerous to your health and well-being?

Overworking kills productivity and health. Here’s what happens to your body when it’s overworked.

Increased risk of cardiovascular conditions

Several reputed researches reveal that overworking daily can cause heart-related conditions in men and women. If you already have a prevalent cardiovascular condition and are overworked, visit a cardiac emergency centre in Kolkata.

Sleep disorders

When you’re doing the work for two-three people, you are bound to be in continual stress. Chronic stress impacts your sleep. Insomnia or hypersomnia are common in overworked individuals. 

Might cause type-2 diabetes

Type-2 diabetes has been found a common health phenomenon among working professionals with a history of regular overworking. 

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Can lead to depression 

Since your health is affected to a greater degree by overworking, your mind follows suit. Overworking might lead to clinical depression in some individuals. 

Do not overwork. Relax and seek medical therapy if you find your health deteriorating due to working overtime. Visit a reputed hospital in Kolkata for getting medical help. 

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