From time to time, you will find out blood donation camps either in some public office or best hospitals. While there are many persistent blood donors, several healthy, individual never participate due to myths related to blood donation. Let’s get a glimpse of the most common myths along with their factual medical aspect.

Myth 1 – Blood donation means blood loss and it will make me weak

During a single blood donation, only 350-450 ml of blood is collected. Our body has approximately 5 liters of blood and the RBC gets destroyed and replenished in every 120 days, on its own. Thereby, blood donation poses no threat to the life and in fact often proves to be a good thing for reducing the risks of heart attack by thinning it down.

Myth 2 – I cannot resume my active routine life after blood donation

Blood donation does not interfere with routine lifestyle. You will simply be asked to avoid heavy lifting and heavy workout for the rest of the day. You can resume your usual life from the following day itself.

Blood Donation

Myth 3 – Multiple blood donation in a year is harmful to my health

You can donate up to 4 times in a year. It is advised to do it with a gap of three months. If you are a healthy individual, between ages 18 to 60, you are fit to donate blood quarterly. The frequency may reduce in case you are ill due to some reasons.

Myth 4 – Women cannot donate blood

Several women have low hemoglobin level, making them vulnerable to anemia after blood donation. Moreover, while being in stages of pregnancy, childbirth or nursing, women are advised not to donate blood for obvious reasons. However, women with appropriate hemoglobin level and otherwise healthy can donate blood as per usual norms.

In case, some doubts still persist in your mind, get in touch with an expert from the best hospital. Remember one unit of blood donation can save up to three lives. Even if every healthy, capable individual donates blood only once a year, a patient in need would not face any threat due to the shortage of blood supply.

Who said, you have to have a medical degree to save precious lives? Don’t let the unscientific myths stop you from donating blood and saving lives. Let’s pledge to do our contribution.


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