Every time you experience a pain in the ear and jawline, you refer to an ENT specialist, as it is often the most prevalent case indeed. However, not every one of them originates due to ear and its dysfunctions. Several of them are for them when in reality they originate due to some underlying TMJ disorders.

The temporomandibular or simply known as TMJ disorders occur when a malfunction arises in the joint or muscle connecting the jawbone to the skull. Let’s have a detailed look at the TMJ conditions.


  1. Most of the TMJ disorders have the following symptoms
  2. Having difficulty or pain while chewing
  3. Having difficulty or pain while closing or opening mouth completely
  4. Having tenderness, pain or swelling in the jaw
  5. Having facial pain or tenderness
  6. Having popping or clicking sound while closing or opening mouth


It is often tricky to estimate the exact cause of the onset of any TMJ disorder, but there are few factors which have been found relevant to such cases. These factors include any previous injury to the jaw, heredity factor, arthritis etc. Moreover, the symptoms of TMJ arises when a malfunction occurs in the cartilage, which acts as a shock absorber that facilitates smooth movement oft he jawbone.

The following dislocation leads to painful TMJ conditions

  1. Damaged cartilage due to injury
  2. Damaged cartilage due to arthritis
  3. Dislocated cartilage out of its original alignment
  4. Risk factors

As already mentioned, despite having information regarding the cause of a TMJ disorder, few risk factors enhances the chances of the same. The following conditions are a few to mention-

  1. Injury to jaw
  2. The chronic habit of teeth grinding
  3. Preexistence of few medical conditions such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis


TMJ is often not a very serious medical threat. In fact, most of them can be treated easily with self-management and simple facial exercise itself. However, living with a severe locking malfunction is a big challenge to deal with as well.

Many times, it makes you avoid certain foods altogether as it causes pain upon chewing. Thereby, it is best to seek treatment on time and enjoy the life to its fullest. The treatment includes the surgery technique rarely. It is availed only when every other technique fails to get a progressive response to the TMJ disorder. So, get in touch with a well-qualified doctor, if a TMJ disorder onsets.


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