Go are those days when the doctors used to evaluate a patient based on the symptoms and their expertise solely. Nowadays, the pathology has evolved a lot and thus diagnosing the exact illness has become more accurate. Many pathology labs are nowadays spread throughout the state of Kolkata. Moreover, many best hospitals in Kolkata also offer radiology services within their premises itself.

However, not every unit offers accurate diagnosis. Let’s understand the importance of correct diagnosis with the help of a case study of Mrs. Sabita Nandi. Mr. Nandi is an elderly woman who suffers from diabetes type 2 for the past 30 years. She has exactly one doctor and one path lab for her entire diabetic lifespan.


Things would have been the same in the future as well if it was not for one particular Saturday. On the said date, Mrs. Nandi’s daughter literally took her by force to the patient education program organized by ILS Hospitals. They offered few basic screening free of cost and luckily blood sugar was one of them.

Upon receiving the results, she was surprised to find huge deviation. The scope of any significant change was pretty thin as she had her routine blood sugar screening only 7 days prior to this test. Her daughter took this matter very seriously and get the same test from another reputed path labs. The tests produced were similar to the recent test.

When Mrs. Nandi consulted her doctor for the same. He concluded the diagnostic approach of her regular path lab were not accurate. It has led to the prescription of medicine that was not entirely necessary. From that point onwards she swore to make ILS path labs, her one and only destination for every kind of test and screening.


Now she is getting a reevaluation of her condition and hopefully will have a healthier body and mind from now on. Sadly, she is not the only patient suffering medical misdiagnosis. Hundreds of patient complain to get a much diversified result from different labs for something as basic as the blood sugar profile. Imagine the consequence one can have with an inaccurate MRI, or biopsy.

It is always advised to go to the hospitals in Kolkata that offers accurate radiology. Apart from being accurate, they are also likely to be more advanced in terms of technology etc. Thus, take charge of your health and make a wiser decision when it comes to healthcare.


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